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We bid goodbye to Tata Nano

We bid goodbye to Tata Nano

July 12th, 2018

The Nano is effectively out of production now, with just one car built in June, and was, if we’re honest, a sales failure. Can we take a moment of silence for the car, that took the streets of India by the storm, when it first came out? Tata Motors aimed to target Indian buyers who wanted to buy cars without burning major holes in their pocket.


The company, however, refuted Mistry’s allegations that another reason for it not shutting down the Nano, besides emotional reasons, was the supply of gliders to an electric car maker in which Ratan Tata has a stake. “… due to combination of several factors including project delays, due to change in location of the factory and the perception of being a low-priced car, the volumes initially anticipated did not materialise and utilisation of capacities are significantly lower,” Tata Motors said in a clarification to BSE.


Pedestalised as “milestone in frugal engineering”, Nano ran way behind schedule and Eicher Motors Ltd.’s Multix pickup truck that doubled up as an electricity generator also failed to provide a substantial solution.