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Unconventional is the new conventional

Unconventional is the new conventional

August 2nd, 2018

He is not here to change people’s mind sets, he says, he just wants to do films that he believes in. However, unknowingly, Akshay Kumar is delivering masterpieces, one after the other, while the industry reeks of brainless cinema, on the other side.

In career spanning over 27 years, actor Akshay Kumar has constantly shifted gears, moving between different genres, including action, comedy, romance and most recently socially relevant themes.

He has taken up many path breaking films and has never stopped being an inspiration to millions of his fans. With the motivational films that he takes, he is definitely setting a benchmark in Bollywood.

Here are some of his projects that broke stereotypes:

Pad Man: A man featuring in a film about menstruation is unmanly—that’s what most of us think, right? Breaking the period taboo and featuring in a film on periods and sanitary napkins, the broke the stereotype. So much so, that he is now hailed as “Sanitary hero of the country” to “India’s menstrual man.”


Toilet Ek Prem Katha: Toilet is a word unknowingly brings a feeling of disgust in most of us, but it’s something that no one can live without. Several women in rural parts of the world don't have access to toilets, and as a result of which, they defecate out in open, where often they are sexually harassed too. The problem is indeed huge. With a film like Toilet Ek Prem Katha, based on the story of Anita Narre who left her husband because there was no toilet in his home, Akshay Kumar made an effort to tell people that toilet isn’t a dirty word and it’s okay to talk about it.


Oh My God: Oh My God is a brave and absorbing blend of satire, fable and fantasy that brings our attention to the misuse and commercialisation of religion. Religion is such a sensitive and controversial topic in India that most of us chose to stay away from it. You never know what can hurt the other person or community. To pick up an untouchable topic and taking a witty take on it, Akshay Kumar played the man (Kanji AKA Krishna Vasudev Yadav) who sues God in OMG – Oh My God! When the movie had released he said that it is not made with the intent to make money.


Rustom: “When I played a Parsi in 'Rustom', I didn't talk the way they usually do in films. I know many Parsis who don't speak like this. Movies make them look caricaturist. At times, kharab hi kar dete hai. When they have a Bengali character, they make them speak differently. It's not how people talk usually. I have never liked that. So, I don't feel the need to adhere to stereotypes.” A naval officer kills his wife’s boyfriend and pleads not guilty. The jury weighs its options and declares it an accidental death. The decorated navy commander walks scot-free.


Airlift: Airlift delves into the pain of a refugee community, showcasing human emotions that defy class barriers and the actors make it all very identifiable. It is the story of a Akshay Kumar’s business-minded tycoon who turned Samaritan not because he is a great human being but more because the tragedy demands that. Akshay’s character is not based on a single person. Instead, it is a fictional amalgamation of two individuals in Kuwait who mapped out the 1990 evacuation.


Special 26: A team of faux CBI officials conduct raids on businessmen and politicians. Soon, the real CBI is on their trail. And the conmen plan their final heist. The film has you at edge of your seat and you find yourself rooting for the criminals. As the conman, Akshay Kumar endears. When the sympathies lie with the antagonist, you know he has a winner on his hands. Akshay’s acting capers are in fine fettle here.