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Google Doodle celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web

Google Doodle celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web

March 12th, 2019

Google is celebrating 30 years since the creation of the World Wide Web or WWW with a GIF Doodle.

On March 12, 1989, English scientist Tim-Berners Lee had submitted the 'Information Management: A Proposal' to his boss, at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. This day was known as the birth of the World Wide Web. It was finally released outside CERN in 1991 and has gone on to revolutionise life as we know it. The web was made public in April 1993. Its popularity started spreading from November with the launch of Mosaic, the first search engine to accept pictures. That revolutionized the web making it user-friendly.

Mosaic was later replaced by the likes of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Thanks to the web the number of internet users exploded, from several million in the early 1990s to more than 400 million people in 2000.

Google Doodle celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web

Its creation ushered in the Information Age and today there are nearly 2 billion websites online. The web has now become a decentralised community that enables more than half the world to share information, founded on the principles of universality. Consensus and bottom-up design. The World Wide Web changed the idea of information as we know it, and today we can’t imagine life without it.

Marking the 30th anniversary of his revolutionary innovation, Tim Berners-Lee, in a media interaction appealed for internet users to strive to maintain "complete control” of their data.