Plans for the Weekend

Hep Plans You Must Try Out This Weekend

August 18th, 2017
Weekend is back and so is your depression. You must be whining within yourself, ‘I have no one to go out with,’ or ‘No one has time for me.’ Did you know, you can always make time for yourself even if there is no one to give you company? Here are some of the best ways you can treat yourself this weekend.

Go for a Long Drive

Who says long drives aren’t fun alone? Just fill your bag up with goodies and drinks, and off you go!

Watch back to back movies

What can be the best time to binger watch all the movies on your bucket list than a lazy weekend? If you do not have them downloaded, then feel free to watch them online.

Eat your favourite food

Well, food is your best friend whether you admit it or not. Now just order something and dig into it without having anyone to share it with. Heeee Haaaaaw!

Get a sound sleep

Remember, it is been quite some time you got a sound sleep. Now that you have got the scope, just sleep

Learn a new skill

It is always better to be at an advantageous level from your competitors. Learn a new skill or a new language. If you wish, you can enroll yourself for one, or can opt for a crash course.

Hop shops

A great person (whoever it may be) has once said, “Shopping is the best therapy for a bored soul”. Just prove it true!

Go watch a play

Plays are perfect when you are looking for a change in a monotonous routine. Watch out for the plays that are playing, go ahead and have a good time!

Read that book

The busy you do not find to indulge yourself with a good book and have almost lost the reader in you. Why not grab some name from your bucket list?