new workplace etiquette

Connect With Your Colleagues Effectively

August 17th, 2017
A new workplace always calls for certain premonitions about the place, along with the people working there and most importantly, the boss! Nevertheless, you can always crack the tension and become the sweetest colleague! Here’s how.

Master the correct way of shaking hands

hand shake

The way you shake hands on your first meeting with your colleagues has a lasting impression. Learn whether the way you shake hands is warm enough to shoo away all premonitions that you or your colleague had been building up against each other, or it is too bossy.

Talk about your personal interests

chatting with a colleague

Rather than only talking about the professional realms, try sharing your personal interests and hobbies. This way you can befriend any colleague and enjoy each others’ company.

Break the ice, if any

talking warmly with people

We all tend to keep quiet when around unknown people. However, when your workplace is involved and you have to come here every day you better start getting in terms with everyone, or at least your team. Even if you have to start the conversation, so be it!

Don't hide your drawbacks

confessing drawbacks

Always be yourself when in conversation with other colleagues. Never ever claim to be someone who you are not. If someone corrects your mistakes, take it sportingly and thank them.

Constantly work upon your image to make it better

working on drawbacks

Remember no individual is perfect and mistakes can happen anytime. Always at the end of the day, always evaluate your actions at the workplace and focus on how to emerge as a better person, every day.