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A Salute to Single Parents-You are the Real Superhero!

A Salute to Single Parents-You are the Real Superhero!

June 18th, 2018

The pressure is on. You have to go to work, drive the kids to soccer or music lessons, make dinner, get the homework done, pay the bills and clean the house. Now it’s time to put the kids to bed and do it all again tomorrow. Overwhelming isn’t it. It’s difficult to be everything for your kids: provider, disciplinarian, tutor, and be the best loving parent you can be all while trying to care for yourself physically and emotionally. It can be done.

Being a single parent can be a rewarding but lonely job. There is often no adult to talk to at the end of a busy day — no one who can share the ups and downs of raising the children. Still, many single parents treasure the intimate moments with their children that each day's end brings.

One of the toughest parts of raising kids alone is assuming dual roles: A single parent must be both mother and father at every turn, disciplinarian as well as loving comforter. Discipline is easier to impose when it is shared. Yet discipline for children in a single-parent family may be even more necessary and comforting. These youngsters will need to test the limits frequently to be sure that the single parent is not too fragile, not too preoccupied to respond.

So to the parents playing both roles: I applaud your strength, courage and perseverance to strive to create a path of excellence for your kids. You are amazing in every way possible, and someday your child will be grateful for everything you did for them despite the fact they knew something was missing.

It takes tremendous power to raise a child all by yourself. This Father’s Day, we salute to all the single parents who are working tirelessly day in and out to raise their children.