Your Fortune



April 11th, 2018

Birthmarks are irregularity on the skin which can be present at birth or right after the birth within a month, they occur anywhere on the skin. Myths say that birthmarks are associated with the events of your past life while science says that it occurs due to excess melanin production during birth and there are numerous other theories which reveal different ways of reading the birthmark.

Some believe that the position of the birthmark on your body speaks a lot about your personality, your luck or the choices you make in your life. But it’s completely on you whether you want to believe it or not!

STOMACH: Have a birthmark on your stomach? It reveals that you are a satisfied personality, someone who lives in peace and harmony, and has a jovial way of life.

Stomach Birthmark

NEAR YOUR MOUTH: If you have a birthmark near your mouth or lips, it shows you are confident yet outspoken but have a sensitive character.

Near Your Mouth Mark

RIGHT CHEEK: The mark is on your right cheek shows that you have a passionate personality. A person who is driven, ambitious and willing to take the leap of faith.


LEFT CHEEK: A birthmark on the left cheek indicates slight financial difficulties but also the strength to tackle it. It indicates that there would be difficulties but when the time comes you would find the appropriate help from places you didn’t even expect and that’s what will get you through your tough times.

Left Cheek

CHIN: A birth mark on the chin may signify that you may be short tempered, you don’t hold back when provoked. It just simply means you are straight forward!


ON THE BACK: Have birth marks on your back? Don’t worry, it signifies that you are straightforward, honest and don’t manipulate! You would either accept someone for all they are or reject them. Never would you let them remain stranded.

Back Marks

FOREHEAD: Having a birthmark on your forehead often means hiding it away with your hair but you shouldn’t. People with this mark are known to be achievers and leaders of their fields. They lead by example, adapt to situations and move forward with a sense of absolute certainty in them.

Forehead Marks

BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET: Check whether if you have a birthmark on the bottom of your feet, if you do, it reveals that you would be a trendsetter, someone who would set standards for others and that the benchmark which you provide would become an aspiration for the rest. You would, as it were, leave your mark on the sands of time.

Bottom Feat Marks

ON THE ARMS: If you have a birthmark on your arm, it means that you are patient and practice restraint as everytime you are about to do some wrong, your mark reminds you of your fate and you do the right thing. The fact is, you would always do the right thing than the easier one and that is what would make you stand out when it matters.

Arm Marks

BREAST: A birthmark on the breast is a fantastic omen; if your birthmark is on or under your left breast, it's said to be a sign that you will be triumphant in work and in life, even if those triumphs come from hard work. If you have a birthmark on or underneath your right breast, you have luck on your side- whatever you want will come to you fairly easily.

Breast Marks